Church History

Church History

The Lord used Elder John W. White to issue a summons to the community for the purpose of organizing a church. On January 8, 1848, White met with Herrod Holt, Ervin Smith, Alfred Ray, Mary Wilson, Susan Nabors, Nancy Parrish and Sarah Morris. This small group of people unanimously chose to have Elder W. C. Bruce and Elder White to constitute them into a church. The church under the direction of E. H. Cochran, a licnsed minister present at the meeting, adopted the “Articles of Faith” under which the church operated.

The Church began to grow. Two new members joined at the very first service of worship. Mary Marsh and Lydia Dowland became the first new members.

Mount Pleasant Baptist Church was first located south of its present location between Gann Road and Holly Leaf on Belew’s Chapel Road on the Crutchfield Farm. It would remain at that location until 1861 when it moved to its current location. From 1848 until 1861 the church clerks recorded the name as The Mount Pleasant Baptist Church of Christ.

Mount Pleasant Baptist Church has maintained a strong wholehearted missionary stategy throughout the years. They refused to stay with the older associations and joined the new Central Association which was strong on missions.

When the present Gibson Baptist Association was formed in 1923, Mount Pleasant would not join until it was certain of the new association’s position on missions. The church has started and nurtured several churches over the years, including one that eventually became known as the First Baptist Church of Bradford.

Through these scenes of by-gone years one can see the faithfulness of the Lord to this community and to this church. The baptismal services, the work of the WMU, the fellowships, the teaching, and the preaching, are all a part of the life of a growing church, and has been for over 150 years.

To God be the glory!